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Okay.  The truth is,  I delight in words.  Not just using them to speak out loud, but reading an author’s description of a character or a scene in a book or skipping through an outlandishly ingenious Dr. Seuss rhyme.  I appreciate a well thought out explanation or an example, that utilizes words to convey a precise meaning.  If  I mean great, I can use the word great, but if I actually mean stupendous, I’m not stuck with the inadequate, great.

In our house, we try to choose our words with care.  For example, stupid is not a word that we use, at least until all of our children are old enough to know it’s meaning and to use it properly.  Therefore, if someone spills their milk it is not the stupid milk’s or the stupid cup’s fault.  (The milk nor the cup can be lacking in common sense or perception.)  Yes, this instance would be harmless, but blaming the stupid sister would be hurtful.  (Even if she actually spilled the milk it is doubtful it was because she has dull mental responses or is slow-witted.) We tend to hold the line that if you don’t know what a word means, don’t use it until you do and then use it correctly.

We don’t use foul language, cuss words, vulgar words, curse words or the like.  Based on our view of The Bible, we believe this is sound teaching.  I do like colorful phrases, though, and everyone is encouraged to stretch their vocabulary.  Just because the guy you work with uses a common, four-letter word, every.single.time. he hits his thumb with the hammer, and you’ve heard it recurrently, does not mean that you should/may use it.  I think the use of such language is boring and shows a lack of intelligence (the capacity to acquire AND apply knowledge.)  Words are accessible to everyone.  It’s generally laziness that prevents us from acquiring new words and relying on the old, overused ones, instead.  When I stub my pinky toe on the buffet in the hallway, because there is seriously not enough room to walk through it with ease, I need to verbally express myself.  Throw off the pain.  Yell out belly rub! the next time and the looks you get will ease the hurt.  When my son aces his calculus test, he is jubilant.  I just encourage creativity.  “Fried pickles!  That is magnificent,” I might say.

So, you can apprehend my ebullience when I was asked to review VocabAhead– One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s. Available for $24.99 @Amazon.com

This is a DVD-Rom with +1,000 words.  It contains a video and an audio file for each word.   I appreciate the verbal pronunciation provided, along with the definition.  In addition, verbally, each word is used in a sentence and in a brief scenario; visually, a cartoon depicts a scene from the mini-story.  You see it.  You hear it.  You make an attachment to it in your mind, because of the sketch.  Therefore, you retain it.

Related material, study aids and teacher helps can be found on their meritorious web-site.  www.VocabAhead.com

There is also a book, VocabAhead – SAT Vocabulary:  Cartoons, Videos & MP3’s covering 300 words in print, plus free video and audio downloads for each word.  Now only $12.95 @Amazon.com.


SAT Visual Vocab is the groundbreaking app covering SAT Vocabulary words you really need…” for the iPhone, iPod; iPad.  Here is a list of all the words included in the DVD and SAT Visual Vocab App.

Follow VocabAhead on Facebook or telephone 503-336-1338.  They consistently add a new word, with video and audio, to their Facebook page every few days.

Since I was given the DVD-Rom, I anticipate learning hundreds of new words this year.  My older children are using it as prep for SAT/ACT testing and my younger ones have an approved list of words they can watch.  Some of the words and their skits are coarse for impressionable young children.  I recommend viewing first to maintain your personal standards.

I believe that a good grasp on our language is a powerful tool to success.  So, the advantages, of using this software with my children, have yet to be seen and remain boundless.

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This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange, for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Callie says:

    Being a lover of words myself, I plan on checking into this product. Glad you reviewed it, otherwise I never would have found it! Thanks!

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