Enjoy the Journey


Life is a journey, with a destination.  Granted, make sure you’ve chosen the right destination, but then… enjoy the journey.

Be kind and affectionate when you have an opportunity, or better yet, make the opportunity.  Touch is healing.  Shake a hand, pat a shoulder, kiss a cheek; linger over a hug.

Taste the food you’re blessed to eat.  Savor it on your tongue.  You have taste buds for a reason, be thankful for them and use them to their full advantage.

See the scenery around you as you drive to work.  Smell the air.

Look people in the eye; hear them when they speak.  Smile when you walk past them.

Laugh, every chance you get!  Laughter is good medicine.

Use your minutes, wisely.  Don’t take time for granted.  We really DON’T know how much of it we have.  Don’t take people for granted – we don’t know how long we have them, either.

Don’t wait to be happy.  Use your favorite perfume for any occasion, use the good china for every meal; send the thank you cards and the love notes, today. 

Take the chances.  Tell that someone how much you like them.  Call your mother and tell her how much you appreciate her.  Forgive an enemy.  Restore a friendship.

Love with your whole heart.  Tomorrow may never come…




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  1. Callie says:

    Very true and touching words….thank you for sharing them today.

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