Friday’s Fave Five #102


Living to tell The Story sponsors Friday’s Fave Five Meme.  An opportunity for me to pause and note 5 Favorite moments of my week or to give thanks for 5 wonders or blessings or


1.)  Loving memories of my mother.  A St. Patrick’s Day baby born during WWII.  Her daddy made her an Irish Kawleen.  We knew her as Ma, Mom and Gramma.  She died in 2003, just 3 months after being diagnosed with colon cancer.  She would be amazed at how often we think of her and how much we miss her.  Even I am amazed at how real her life seems to the children that didn’t even have a chance to know her.  One of my little ones walked into my room, yesterday, and said, “Today’s Gramma’s birthday and I have the perfect present for her.”  Before I could say anything, she blew a kiss Heavenward and said, “Happy Birthday, Gramma.”

It’s so easy to hear my mother’s voice and her laughter.  I hear them when I talk with my sister’s.  I hear them in my own voice and the way I phrase a sentence when I speak to my children.  I see the hint of her features when I look in the mirror and it makes me smile when one of my older children touches my hair and says, “Oh, Momma, your hair is starting to feel silky, like Gramma’s,”  and a younger one says, “I wanna feel.”

She was a good woman.  She loved God and she loved us.  Growing up, she was everything I wanted to be.  I look forward to “meeting her in the morning, just inside the Eastern gate, over there…”

A Skelton photograph

2.)  Ah, the sunshine.  The warm breeze.  The chill is out of my bones and I am sure that spring has arrived!  A sweet respite before the hot, humid; sometimes languid days of summer.

Photo by PK


3.)  $3.99 All You Can Eat Papa’s Pizza Buffet.  Tossed salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers and shredded cheese; broccoli salad with raisins and dried cranberries, nuts and sunflower seeds.  Thin crust loaded veggie pizza, thick crust three meat… your way, any way!  Have you noticed grocery prices, lately?  I don’t know how he does it.  1 case of head lettuce – $62.  This time last year, 1 case of head lettuce – $38.  Good food.  Good people!


4.)  Older children licensed to drive themselves to work and thereby enabling this momma to sleep in, just in case she was up until 3 a.m. writing or some such nonsense.

A Mustang dream


5.)  A child’s laughter.  Anyone’s child.  Anywhere.  I love to hear a child giggle and laugh.  Innocent.  Trusting.  No inhibitions.  In spite of all of the tragedy and heartache in this world, when I hear a child’s laughter I hear the sound of hope.

Photo by PK



“Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”


*Photographs and contents of this blog are the property of Knee Deep In Grace and may not be used without written permission.


Thank you.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Great post. Great pics. Thanks. 🙂

  2. Callie says:

    Awwww…such sweet words about Mom, thank you for mentioning her on your blog. Hahahaha, she would get such a kick out of that, don’t ya think? 🙂

    I LOVE all of your pictures that go along with your faves this week, they go with your captions so well.

    I am glad you are doing this meme each week, I love reading your words and now I have something to look forward to each week… pressure, of course…..

  3. ellen b says:

    What a blessing to have had a good mother. How sweet to look forward to seeing her in heaven. I’m looking forward to more and more signs of Spring and a little more warmth. I, too, was happy when my kids could ferry themselves around instead of depending on me. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Catherine says:

    That is the MOST fabulous birthday cake!! I hope her birthday was as wonderful.

  5. Catherine says:

    Oops, that comment was for the other post.. sorry!!

    What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I love your faves, and the beautiful pictures.

  6. Kristen S. says:

    Really sweet words and great pictures. I love the one of Thomas! Wonderful thoughts to think on!

  7. Laura says:

    Your tribute to your mom brought tears to my eyes…so sweet, especially how you see and hear her now in you and your kids and your sister. Lovely.

    Great that you have some drivers now — I know how freeing that can be.

    Have a great week ahead.

  8. I’m tearing up as I read about your mom. My mom died this past September and I was at her grave today, still somewhat in shock that I lost both her and my dad in the same year, and missing them both so much. But like you say, I look forward to meeting them again on the other side.

    $3.99 pizza buffet? That’s quite a bargain!

    My 8-yr-old neighbor came over today and we laughed together. I love the laugh of children too. It’s always contagious.

  9. Julie says:

    Such beautiful words about your mother. Memories can be blessings.
    I lost my father two years ago…remembering him as well.
    Love you blog!

  10. Brenda says:

    It is wonderful when the kids start getting more independent, but kind of bittersweet also.

    Wonderful tribute to your mother.

  11. karyn says:

    Such lovely thoughts about your mom.

    I agree on the sound of a child’s laughter…it doesn’t matter whose child it is, it can always bring a smile to my face!

    Ahhh….the first days of your child’s independance. The first days of freedom.

  12. Susanne says:

    I love children’s belly laughs! So awesome!

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. It sounds like she was one special lady!

  13. Amy Dalusio says:

    Penny, as always your words bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. I love the way we are keeping Mom alive in the memories of our children and our children’s children.

  14. Barbara H. says:

    What a lovely five! My mom passed away five years ago — I miss her as well yet enjoy memories.

    One of my distinct memories of my children is my middle son laughing while we were swinging, and my thinking, “Remember this moment!”

    Love pizza buffets! And sunshine!

    My youngest is close to driving on his own. I’ll miss some of our excursions and car conversations, but the helpfulness of his being able to transport himself will overrule, I am sure!

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