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A fun, individualized and interactive online reading/writing program with vivid and engaging graphics.  Reading Kingdom is the brainchild of Dr. Marion Blank.  I also think it is dear to her heart…

Proverbs 20:11 reads, “Even a child is known by his doings.  Whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.”  As a child, Marion became aware of the fact that several of her family members did not know how to read and write.  Many were poor emigrates from Eastern Europe and had been unable to attend school.  They worked hard and established their family here in the United States.  When Marion started reading around 6 years old, she couldn’t wait to teach her grandmother everything she was learning!  Her grandmother was frail and the lessons were never completed, but a seed had been planted in young Marion’s life that would continue to grow.  Reading Kingdom is the fruit of more than 40 years of research and application, because a child wanted to do something about illiteracy.



Dr. Blank believes, “Phonics is THE path to reading.  It’s why children for generations have been taught to sound out the ABC’s once they enter first grade.  But traditional phonics is not enough.  It’s great to be able to figure out the sounds of words, but by itself, it makes reading unbearably slow and tedious.  At some point, sounding out has to switch over to instant word recognition.  That means doing what you are doing now – looking at words and immediately recognizing what they are saying.  And that skill also is not enough.  In fact, success in reading calls upon five other essential areas.”



Reading Kingdom vs Other Reading Systems


I have taught several children how to read, phonetically, and sometimes it has been more trying and less successful than other times.  Now, I have a better understanding of the process.  Reading Kingdom, designed for ages 4-10, begins with a skills survey for each child.  According to the results, they are placed in one of 6 levels:  pre-reading or a reading level 1-5, honing their skills with the mouse and keyboard; learning to recognize, read, spell and type words and sentences.  As one progresses through the levels the six skills necessary for reading are strengthened.

  • Sequencing
  • Motor Skills
  • Sounds
  • Meaning
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension

It is expected that a child will be reading, with confidence and enthusiasm, at a 3rd grade level with the completion of  Reading Kingdom.  Generally, this will take 12 – 18 months.  After the first few weeks, most children can navigate the program on their own.  Reader reports [what they’re doing, how they’re doing and what is coming up] are available to the parent – tracking a child’s progress.


Without a doubt, my children have increased their keyboarding skills and have gained knowledge and confidence in reading and comprehension, but that’s not all –




They have been forced to pay attention to directions and details.  Type when directed to type using the keyboard and click when instructed to click a letter on the screen.  The word focus has new meaning to them, now.  If they concentrate and respond correctly, they progress through the levels, but if they don’t know an answer or just get distracted, the program will re-teach the word or concept.  I consider these simple, but important life lessons.


















Dr. Blank and her team are “passionate about promoting literacy and believe that every child has the right to learn to read.”

She is the creator of Phonics Plus Five reading program,



and the author of The Reading Remedy.


Contact information:

The Reading Kingdom

12405 Venice Bl., Suite 342

Los Angeles, CA  90066


Dr. Blank can also be reached through email:


Reading Kingdom is $19.99/month (one child) with no monthly minimum or $199.99 per year (one child).  Each additional child is $9.99 per month.



I have been given generous use of Reading Kingdom, for this review, and have found it beneficial for each of my children.  You can try it FREE for 30 days and monitor the results for yourself.



There is also a scholarship application program set up, making literacy a hope for everyone.  “Nothing is impossible for God.”


Read what my  TOS Homeschool Crew mates think of Reading Kingdom, by clicking on the banner.




This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange, for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Greg says:

    Looking forward to spending more time thoroughly reading this review, since even at a glance it caught my attention. As a homeschool dad, I’m excited about the potential of this reading system. Thanks.

  2. Sarah says:

    Fascinating, the contribution Dr. Blank has made to the world because of the hardships experienced by her family. Only God could have known.

    Thanks for the review. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. My daughter was really frustrated with this at first, but now she loves it!!
    I’m stopping by on the Blog Walk.

  4. Catherine says:

    What a great review! I’m stopping by with the blog walk, I hope you are having a great week.

  5. PK says:

    Catherine – coming from you, that is an even bigger compliment – thanks!


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  7. Colby Devitt says:

    I’m so happy your children and you are enjoying the Reading Kingdom! Thanks for the great review. We appreciate it!

  8. […] her confidence.  Whereas, I appreciate these perks of the program; some parents do not.  Since I reviewed Reading Kingdom in 2011, one of the changes they’ve made to the program is the ability to adjust the response times […]

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