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ARTistic Pursuits – art lessons – taught the way I would teach them, if…I knew how to teach art.  Presenting both the technical and the expressive aspects of art. 


Developed by Brenda and Daniel Ellis, ARTistic Pursuits is tagged as a homeschool art program, geared to meet the specific needs of homeschoolers – at home.

I’ve studied many subjects, over the years, so I could teach them to my children.  Music held my interest when I was in school.  I didn’t make time for art or art appreciation classes, but I recognize and value God-given talent and artistic creativity.

My children have always had Art class, but they’ve never had formal art instruction.  Actually, I purposefully avoided art lessons, because I didn’t want anyone squashing their confidence or trying to redirect their natural bent.  You know the instructors that try to pour all of their students into the same mold, shaping their personal vision of what an artist looks like.  I wasn’t interested.

My approach was to give them a few basics (since that’s all I knew) and a couple of tools.  A little perspective, a dash of proportion (two words I actually knew) and, a pencil, an eraser and a fine tip Sharpie marker.  Add encouragement –  “There is no wrong way to draw.”  “Keep practicing.  You just keep getting better!”  And provide opportunity.  “If you finished your lesson, you may draw while I go over your brother’s spelling words with him.”  “Yes, you may stay up later, tonight, but it is quiet time; so, you may either read or draw.”  It was good for them and they blossomed, but…

ARTistic Pursuits, Senior High Book 1 is better.  Brenda Ellis knows art:  artists, art history and art techniques.  She knows how to teach art.  She knows all of the words!  Her agenda is not to mold and shape by criticizing and correcting.  (However, there is an Evaluation Sheet – for Obtaining a Number and Letter Grade, that can be used for each lesson, in the back of the book.)   Plus, this is a student generated course.  Which means that as the parent, I don’t have to know art and art history (I am learning, though) or set aside time to prep to teach it – I just have to do what I’ve done all along – praise and encourage my artists!

Did you know that artists use elements of art and principles of design or composition to draw?  I didn’t.







used in Contrast and Unity.

These are the elements taught in the first half of the book.  The second half covers the layout of these elements within a picture.  Elements are arranged using:






Each element is the topic of a unit, reinforced through 4 lessons.  The student 1.) learns and builds a visual vocabulary  2.) develops an appreciation of art and knowledge of art history  3.) learns and practices technique and 4.) applies the topic and technique in an expressive final project.


Objective – to see an element of art such as “space” in one’s own environment and to become more visually aware.

Assignment – Draw a scene outdoors…  Look for active spaces and non-active spaces.  Make both types of spaces obvious in your drawing.





Assignment – Choose any round object, such as a vase or your face in a mirror…  Next draw the curves that you see around the shape of the face…  Finally, with the 4B pencil, add the darkest areas which will stand out from the light areas of the drawing.


























To Do:  Set up a group of simple objects and draw them using the three suggestions for composition…












Final project –

Note:  the same topic, the same lessons and the same techniques – with the freedom and encouragement to create and express their own personal style.  THIS is what makes ARTistic Pursuits the BEST art instruction curriculum!

Course name and text, credit value, and description are included as needed for a High School transcript.  ARTistic Pursuits, Senior High Book One is an 88 page, non-consumable, soft bound book.  Completing the suggested two lessons a week, makes this a 32 week, full year course.  Deserving of 1 credit hour.

Courses are available for Pre-school through High School.  The purchase price for any book is $42.95.

Ready-t0-go Art Supply Packs, with every item needed for each book packed in a tote bag, is available for your convenience at discounted prices.

For questions and orders – CONTACT:

Artistic Pursuits Inc.

2626 East 109th Avenue

Northglenn, Colorado  80233

Telephone – 303.467.0504


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This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange, for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.

I appreciate your comments.  Thanks, PK

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