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Okay, I’ll admit it – homeschooling my children can be absolutely exhausting.  There can be so much prep work:  per grade level, per subject, per student, besides teaching, grading and testing.  Don’t get me wrong – I love schooling my children at home, I’m just acknowledging the consumption of time and energy it often devours.  Which is why I have an appreciation for products and publications that help me cut a few corners and save a bunch of time.  Time that I much rather use on field trips and picnics, beach volleyball (P.E.) and the zoo.

Science Weekly is one such publication.  Published 15 times per year, twice per month (following an average school year) –  September, October, November, January, February, March and April, and once in December.  Science Weekly is an Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, or Technology supplement to your science curriculum.  It encompasses and enhances your child’s skills in science, math, reading and writing.



The publication we received for review is 17″ X 11″, printed on both sides, in an easy to read font with full color graphics.  It is folded in half; thereby making a four page 8 1/2″ X 11″  magazine, that can be hole-punched and placed in a notebook.  Each issue/topic is written to 6 different levels:

Pre A – Kindergarten

A – 1st grade

B – 2nd grade

C – 3rd grade

D – 4th grade

E – 5th/6th grade


Each of my children enjoyed having their own publication, tailored to their level.  There is more text, more in-depth activities and labs,  etc. as each level increases in difficulty.  The subject we received was The Flu.  I gave the Teaching Notes (TN), which cover every level, to one of my high-schoolers.  She was able to read the notes, gather common, household supplies for the lab sections, hand-out the individual magazines and proceed to teach this science lesson to 5 students.  She was able to easily do this because the information was already researched, correlated, and plainly written out in the Teaching Notes.  You could initially know nothing about a given topic and thoroughly teach it.

This graphic is the cover of the Science Weekly publication, Coral Reefs.  If you click on it, there is a FREE download of a sample issue of every level of Coral Reefs.  Check it out for yourself.


15 Topics available for 2010-2011, $19.95 per child, per year

  • Pulleys
  • Cats
  • The Flu
  • Glass
  • Fractions
  • Composting
  • The Science of Money
  • The Science of Movies
  • Scuba Diving
  • Poisonous Animals
  • Caves
  • Teeth
  • Deserts
  • Green Buildings
  • The Moon

You do the math…  I think it’s a good value and we’re already looking forward to studying the other subjects.



Science Weekly continues to develop their instructional tools.  They have a new interactive program with five topics available for 1st – 4th grade:

  1. Pyramids
  2. Living in Space
  3. Kites
  4. Hurricanes
  5. Dams


and printable coloring books. The interactive program is a great resource.  The layout is very similar to the printed publications, without the pencil and paperwork.


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email – inquiries@scienceweekly.com


Science Weekly

CAM Publishing Group, Inc.

attn. – Subscriptions

P.O. Box 70638

Chevy Chase, MD  20813-0638

telephone – toll free – 1.800.493.3559

or 301.680.8804



Many of my Crew Mates received different topics than I did.  You’ll want to read their reviews at the TOS Homeschool Crew Blog.





This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange, for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you for your continued encouragement.  I truly appreciate your comments.

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  1. renese says:

    Wow, that looks like somthing I would love to have had! Talk about a time saver!

  2. Katie says:


    Just wanted to thank you for congratulating me on the She Reads blog after the scholarship contest! So nice! And I believe you were in the top ten, right!?! So awesome!

    You are a homeschooling mom I see! My kids are not in school yet – but we have been praying about what avenue to take! I love reading about homeschooling families…it encourages me!

    Thanks again! And have a wonderful week!

    Katie 🙂

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