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I have hundreds of books, and then some.  Neatly organized on floor to ceiling shelves, stacked on tables, under tables and I’m sorry to say, packed away in boxes awaiting their rotation.

Most books that I read, while growing up, were not mine.  They were borrowed from the library or a close friend.  They were prized possessions, even if they did belong to someone else.  The binding was handled properly and the pages were never dog-eared.  One did not eat or drink while reading a book, lest something mar the pages.  I was raised to see the value in books, for purposes of education or fun; based on fact, fiction or fantasy, as a means to an end or just an escape to another place or time.

As an adult, I’ve acquired books of all shapes, sizes and genres.  Many times my husband has heard me say, “Oh, I need this book, or these books or that set of books, for this subject or that reason or because – “This is just beautiful!”  We’ve moved several times while we’ve been married and the books always move with us.  I have learned, over the years, to pack them in smaller boxes, because books are really, really heavy.  On more than one occasion I’ve heard, “I do not have room for anything else in this trailer.  You cannot move all of those books.”  My reply, “Leave the couch, the books must go.”  My reasoning – a couch or nearly anything else, can be replaced, fairly easily, but – books, especially old books; classics, or one you read to your child, five hundred times the first eighteen months of his life, are just too difficult to replace.

Because of this, I have been a bit reluctant to embrace Ebooks.  They just don’t have the same smell or feel as real books.

Because of Yesterday’s Classics, I am now an Ebook AND Kindle lover.  Because, what these do have is the same content as real books – illustrations and all; plus, the carry-anywhere-factor is huge!

I don’t have room for another bookshelf.  Well…I might be able to find one more space, but…my husband is much happier having my newest 225 books on the Kindle

For years, Yesterday’s Classics has been rebublishing books that were first published “in the golden age of children’s literature from 1880 to 1920…”  in high quality paper-back.  Vintage literature.  Now, in addition, every one of the 225 books they offer is available in EPUB and Kindle format!




This bundle is specially priced through May 31st; at $99.95 that’s less than 50 cents for each book.  Yes, many of these books are available online for free, but many of those have formatting issues, unlike these.  And, the majority of those do not have a table-of-contents, especially one that actually corresponds to the new layout in EPUB or Kindle.  Yesterday’s Classics also offers the convenience of having everything in one place, which gives this already overloaded momma more time to actually read to my children, instead of consuming my time searching for the right book.



Yesterday’s Classics has several of the titles used by these top curriculum writers:

Ambleside Online

Heart of Dakota

Living Books Curriculum

Tapestry of Grace

Pageant of History

Old Fashioned Education




They have republished books in 22 different genres –

  1. World History
  2. American History
  3. Science
  4. Ancient Greece
  5. Ancient Rome
  6. Early Civilizations
  7. Renaissance and Exploration
  8. Middle Ages
  9. Britain
  10. Fables
  11. Nature
  12. Fairy Tales
  13. Legends
  14. Biography
  15. Poetry
  16. Shakespeare
  17. Faith
  18. Literature
  19. Readers
  20. Kindergarten
  21. Children of the World
  22. Christmas Stories

You can view the entire catalog by author – click

by title

by subject


When you purchase EPUB or Kindle format you have immediate access.  So much quicker than browsing the aisles at Books-a-Million, or some such bookish store, making a selection or two or ten; lugging everything to the car, and then, still having to rearrange everything on the shelves to find room for your newest favorite collection.


There are instructions here for downloading files to EPUB or Kindle, and then you can choose which format you’d like to sample for free.

Questions or comments?

You can contact

Lisa M. Ripperton

Yesterday’s Classics

P.O. Box 3418

Chapel Hill, NC  27515

or call





You can read other reviews, written by my crew mates at





This product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange, for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Callie says:

    225!!! That is Totally Awesome!! Oooooohhhhh, the choices I need to make to see if this is a possibility for me and mine!

    Great review as always….LOVED the “leave the couch, the books must go…” comment! It is soooo you! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. renese says:

    I got and ereader from my loving husband for Christmas. I think it was really more for him, since he too has heard on so many occations the books go! lol I have to admit it will be nice for when the grandkids come along. I still have tons and tons of books but think this will limit my having to repurchase the classics when I have little ones to read to once again, as my youngest son has claimed all our original copies for himself! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to get them for my Kindle! 🙂 Great review, thanks.

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