More Professors, in More Boxes, Please!


In our home, in our school, it is about what you learn and understand, it’s not about the score or the grade.  It’s not a big deal to get a C on a test, the first time.  The material can be read, again, or the concept investigated to discover what was missed or what didn’t “stick.”  When we get to the final time, it’s not difficult to get an A on a test, because they actually know the answers.  Our children are encouraged to studiously apply themselves to a subject, with the goal of gaining and retaining knowledge.  There is no shame in going back to pick up what you dropped; so, you’re prepared when you arrive at your destination.  I aced most tests along my educational path, because I “studied” and memorized information the night before, not necessarily because I had actually learned the material.  It takes much longer to build a house when you’re constantly having to stop, and rebuild or repair the foundation, than it does if you take the time to build the proper framework, in the first place.

This is why Professor In A Box works well for us.


Professor In A Box, Principles in Marketing is a non-traditional, student-paced, thorough college level course “similar in content to the first marketing course taken by all students in university and college schools of business across the country.”  It is taught by an Assistant Professor in Marketing at Villanova, Julie Pirsch, Ph.D., and it is a complete prep for the CLEP Marketing Exam.

Not only is Professor Pirsch academically credentialed,  but she is also rated as one of the top teachers in her department and in her college, AND she came to my house in a box!  Actually, I expected a professor in a box, but she arrived via DVD, in a flat, cardboard disc cover.  For marketing purposes, I would have shipped the DVD professor in a small box, just for effect.  Principles of Marketing also worked for us because I didn’t have to do anything to prepare for this course, no dusting or vacuuming for the professor’s visit or even writing lesson plans.  The Syllabus, Flash Lecture slides, Key Concepts file, Learning Objectives and Lesson Plans are included in the DVD.

There is no massive college text to wade through, reading 40 or more pages a day.  A lesson consists of a 30 minute lecture to view, narrated by Professor Pirsch, using Power Point slides to emphasize concepts, with an additional 15-30 minutes to work a quiz.   She doesn’t read the Power Points to the student, but they can be printed for additional study and recollection.  She teaches, highlighting the key points, adding commentary, explanations and detail.  She is easy to understand and even though the student is learning the vocabulary of marketing, as well as the theory of marketing, her tone is conversational and pleasant.  Each chapter includes online resources and real-life examples, as well.

Principles for Marketing is challenging, but “any high school level student (or above) with basic reading skills can handle this course.”  It is 19 chapters, covering 28 lessons with 3 exams.  Three timetables are presented:

Choose to work –

  • 2 lessons per week for 14 weeks = college semester
  • 1 lesson per week for 28 weeks = average school year
  • 3 lessons per week for 9 weeks = summer school


My daughter is working 1 to 2 lessons per week, as her schedule permits.  She is starting a small business and has a genuine interest in marketing.  She especially appreciates the no-stress testing.  My son chose 1 lesson per day, completing the course in one month.  Although this is not recommended it worked well for him, as his intention was to glean the fundamentals only, for the purpose of marketing himself in his career choice.   After the initial investment of $119.99 s/h included, I can use this course for each of my children, myself and my husband.  At roughly $300.00 per course, per student, at our local college, my savings using Professor In A Box, Principles of Marketing is phenomenal!  If there’s any doubt, their full money-back guarantee should assuage it.



“This course provides students with a description and evaluation of the ways in which goods and services are developed to meet customer and consumer needs, and how they are distributed for domestic and international consumption.  It examines the economic, government, social, and other environmental forces in relation to the marketing function, placing emphasis on relevant social problems and responsibilities.”


Chapters include –

[Click Introduction to Marketing to view a sample chapter.]

  1. Introduction to Marketing
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Marketing Environment
  4. Market Research
  5. Consumer Behavior
  6. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  7. Products and Branding
  8. New Products and the PLC
  9. Marketing Channels
  10. Retailing
  11. Pricing
  12. Integrated Marketing Communications
  13. Advertising
  14. Public Relations and Sales Promotions
  15. Personal Selling and Sales Management
  16. Direct and Interactive Marketing
  17. Business-to-Business Marketing
  18. International Marketing
  19. Course Review and Social Responsibility


My high school and college age children concur that they would like most of their classes set up like this one.  No textbook.  Watch the lectures.  Complete quizzes.  Check solutions.  Pass exams.  Conquer their academics and move on.


Presently, you can find a professor in a box for:

Accounting & Money Skills

Financial Accounting (previously reviewed by TOS hsr crew)

Universal Financial Accounting Study Guide

Principles of Marketing

You can bet that I’ll be watching for more professors in more boxes covering more courses!




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