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In our house you’ll find a new game for Family Game Night.  The latest family edition of North Star Games‘ wildly popular Say Anything.



I’ve said before that I look for ways to keep my children connected to one another.  It may only be a fine thread of similarities or a few shared memories, but since there are so many of us and the age range between our oldest and our youngest is more than 25 years, it is an important thread.  Say Anything Family  is ideal for this!  It’s designed for 3-6 players, ages 8 and up.  It takes about 2 whole minutes to learn how to play and actual game time tends to be an easy, quick, fun 30 minutes.

Start with 60 question cards that are protected by a glossy coating on each side, 3 questions per side = 6 questions per card = 360 questions total.  6 individual dry-erase boards, with color borders and 6 dry-erase markers.  12 player tokens (betting chips) and a SELECT-O-MATIC 6000 (no spinner) with printed pics of color-coded meeples.  1 pre-printed dry-erase score board and a sturdy, colorful, full-size page of rules.


Basic play:  A “judge” draws a card and asks a question.  The other players answer the question, write their answer on their white board, and quickly submit it to the judge.  The judge picks up the state-of-the-art SELECT-O-MATIC 6000 and secretly chooses the picture of the meeple that corresponds to the color border on the white board that has his favorite answer written on it.  The other players then use their tokens (2 each) to bet on which white-board-answer the judge chose.  According to scoring rules, points are tallied.  The SELECT-O-MATIC is passed to the next player and a new round begins.  Two turns as “judge”, asking 2 questions each, and the game is done.  The player with the highest score wins!

The laugh-out-loud fun is in the questions and the answers!  This game builds relationships.  My generations-apart-children get to know each other better with each round they play.  I learn more about the heart and mind of a grand child or a niece when I play with them.  Yet, no one (but me, of course) is really paying any attention to this, they’re just having a blast playing a great game!

Questions include –

What’s the most important quality in a friend?

What would be the best city to live in?

What’s a father most likely to forget?

What’s my biggest guilty pleasure?

What’s the most annoying thing about being a man?

What technology don’t we have that I wish we did?

You can learn much about a person by how they answer these questions.  Do they answer with truth and facts, according to what they think or what they think the “judge” will think?  Do they answer with humor and jest or in-all-seriousness?  Do they have a clue or none?  Ah, the possibilities,  they can say anything!  And the interchange between players, while trying to convince the judge which answer to choose, is entertaining by itself!

My husband and I also have future plans for Say Anything Family.  We told our in-house kids, those not yet out-of-house-grown-and-married, that this will be an outstanding game to play before they can get married.  A You-Want-To-Marry-My-Daughter?-Just-Choose-Half-a-Million-Correct-Answers-And-We’ll-Give-Our-Blessing Game!  =)  Yes, it might take several rounds of play, with a few questions rigged to elicit valuable information, but it’ll still be quicker than the fourteen years that Jacob had to work and wait for Rachel (Genesis 29.)  They think we’re joking…we’ll see.

Last Thanksgiving, when our whole extended family got together, we introduced everyone to Wits and Wagers, another game by North Star Games that I got to play and review.  This year we are excited to share Say Anything Family.  There’s not a doubt in my mind that they’re going to love it!


You can find North Star Games at local toy and game stores, like Target and Toys “R” Us, and online at Amazon.comSay Anything Family usually retails for $19.99.

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  1. LaRee says:

    LOL, I LOVE your idea for getting to know future sons and daughters-in-law! Sounds like a plan to me!!

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