Heart Cries


Usually, when I write a post I edit it a dozen times or more.  I try to use good grammar and proper sentence structure, check the spacing between my paragraphs and graphics…  It doesn’t matter.  It is so unimportant in the real scheme of things.

This one, I can’t even see clearly.  Thankfully, it’s typed, because if it were hand written it would be a mess.  My heart is so heavy and it’s tears won’t stop pouring from my eyes.

I am in agony over mothers beating, abusing and killing their children.  Every day, another story.  Some say it’s always been like this and it’s just being reported more often, now, but even if that’s true, honestly, it doesn’t make me feel any better for the children or their momma’s.  I know I can’t expect different from those that have no relationship with Jesus Christ.  I know that the heart of God grieves more than mine, but I figure, He’s God, He can take it.  I know Satan is afraid of the men and women these murdered children could have become.  My heart cries as if I’ve lost one of my own.  It literally feels unbearable.  I can’t breathe because of the pain.

I’ve always wanted to travel.  Load my family into a travel trailer and go.  See the country.  Show them God’s wonders and man’s handiwork.  But, I would gladly give up the possibility of that dream in exchange for a piece of land, with a big house, where those that are labeled:  unwanted and annoying, loud, crying and obnoxious could be dropped off before their mother’s can’t take anymore and beat them to death.  I wish I could build a “There’s Enough Love Here” House.

Stop killing your babies and let a me love on them for you, until you come to your senses, or forever if you’d rather.  I understand that you might be so hurt yourself that you’re empty of love and patience.  I don’t pretend to know your story, but I will not judge you.  I just want you to stop and listen to me.  There’s enough love here for you, too.  I don’t want to read or hear that you were just so tired of the inconvenience or the noise that you beat your child into silence.  I’m willing to help you.

I have no money, no land and no big house; so, needless to say, aside from praying and rattling the gates of Heaven on your behalf, I’m really of no help. But, I wanted you to know that I’m willing.  Someone does care.  Ask for help and if you’re turned away, ask someone else, and then someone else, until you find a me that can help you and your child.  You are not alone.

May God have mercy on us and forgive us our sins.


Abiding in Him,




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  1. Callie says:

    Oh my sister I feel your pain and cry the same tears. Here I thought I sat alone in my grief over the newest baby that has gone lost or found discarded like trash. I too wish I could open my home to the unwanted and unloved…..precious gifts that are returned too early to the Loving Father above…..and yes, may God have mercy……..

  2. Lori says:

    I am very touched by your sharing those personal feelings on this tragic issue! I have recently also been so moved when I have learned of the horrors of human trafficking. I cry out every day, often overwhelmed with tears as well, of the tortures that are done to innocent children around the world, and right in our back yard. I too don’t have many resources to help, but I know that God has placed these burdens on our hearts for us to do something about it. Keep praying and ask God to help you find what you CAN do. Praying is much more important than we think it is. If we would all ONLY pray, I know amazing things would happen, I just know it! Also using this media to raise awareness can also help. There is much we can do, and praying is not just “{A” place to start, it’s the only place to start!

    God Bless!


  3. Mary says:

    Reading stories of mothers that kill their children always frustrates me. I will join you in prayer.

  4. Julie Coney says:

    Don’t discount the cries of your heart to a faithful God. He hears. It does not go un-noticed.

    Many are praying with you. Many of us are willing, and sadly there is a system that doesn’t want children saved… and that makes my heart ache all the more.

  5. Rebecca says:

    This world is so full…of the world. So many are walking around…trying to find God yet overwhelmed. Their hearts are hurt…beaten bruised and battered…and they in turn do the same to those…little sweet babies that they have been blessed with. We are in such a hurry….and want to be loved without loving….without sacrificing…because the world tells us we shouldn’t. I love your heart…that you aren’t judging….I see that in the way you say: “let a me love on them for you, until you come to your senses”…. Love your heart….and am blessed to read this post! Thank you!

  6. Lizzie says:

    🙁 so sad.
    My sister cannot have children. She’d like to build the same house as you!

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