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I think we all want our children to achieve academic success.  If we did poorly in school, we want our children to do better than we did, and if we did well, we still want better for their future.

Teaching phonemic awareness, building reading fluency, and strengthening comprehension starts a child on the road to academic success.  The Reading for All Learners Program, featuring the Little Books, has more than 30 years of research behind it.



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The company, Academic Success for All Learners, tags the books as – “Little Books making a big difference!”  They have been used around the world for generations.  You may have learned to read using these books.  Many people actually recognize the readers as “I See Sam books.”  I See Sam is the title of the first book, in the first skill set.  There are 141 Little Books, in 8 color coded sets.  The reading instruction correlates to core curriculum.

It is recommended that the books be read consecutively, in numerical order, because new sounds and words that are introduced build on the sounds, words, and skills previously mastered.  Primarily written for Kindergarten through grade 3 or 4, they can also be used for struggling readers.  A single lesson takes only 15 – 30 minutes, with no prior teaching experience needed.

The Reading for All Learners program is highly esteemed.  If it were used consistently, as intended, I believe much of the illiteracy found in America, today, would be eradicated.  The stories are enjoyable and interesting, and students want to read them.




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The website  is easy to navigate.  It’s also full of information and support:


Instructor Guide – making it possible for practically anyone to teach


Scope and Sequence – listing what is covered when


Flash Cards – words to learn, for each book


Progress Tracking – a chart for every set of books


Placement Assessmenttesting, to help you determine where to begin


Little Book Anatomy – points out and explains the special features of a Little Book


And More…

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After my son completed a Placement Assessment, I was directed to start him in the Little Books set 7.  The routine is the same for each book.  He should learn and review the sounds and words.  Master the Sound Practice and Word Practice before reading the book.  Then, read the story twice, making two mistakes or less by the second reading.  The Learner’s Chart is provided for each set of Little Books.  The student may color a picture or place a sticker over it, to track each book, in the set, that has been read successfully.  Color matched certificates are available to celebrate the completion of a set!

Looking Back is a section designed to test retention and mastery.  It usually occurs after every 5 or 6 books.  Passing/Failing criteria is listed at the bottom of the reading page.  If the student doesn’t pass, they are encouraged to reread the previous several books to hone their skills.  If a Looking Back assessment is passed, the student moves on to the next book.

The constant, steady rhythm of this program works well for my son.  So well, in fact, that I plan to have my daughter do the assessment, so I can gauge the best placement for her.  It’s $30 for each set of books, but I can reuse any set, with any of my children, increasing the value of my investment.  We’ll see whether or not this particular structure is good for her, too.


My crew mates used different sets of Little Books, and you can find their reviews by clicking the TOS graphic below.

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In my opinion, everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read, and to read well, if they choose.





A trial period of this product was given to me, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review, as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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