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Did you know that there are people that don’t like to read?  It actually makes me sad to think of the joy that I get from reading, that they are robbed of because they don’t like it.  How frustrating though, to have letters that constantly flip around so the words don’t really make sense, to feel like you have to chase the words or sentences as they float off the page; or to reread the same sentence time-and-again because you keep losing your place.  Focus is one of the keys to reading.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew  recently had the opportunity to use Reading Rulers from an award-winning company that specializes in multisensory teaching resources – Crossbow Education.


When you visit their website you will find that they carry several tools designed to help you create a learning environment that promotes student achievement, especially for those with Dyslexia and Visual Stress.


They have Sand Timers, Magnetic Foam Letters, Junior Learning Products for Reading, Spelling, and Math, Activities and Games for Phonics; and  More – including the Eye Level Reading Ruler.

Reading Rulers  are made of durable, color-tinted plastic; and able to underline and highlight about six inches of text at a time.  Text is read through the transparent color.  Each Ruler is small and convenient to carry, or keep in a book used as a book mark.  “Reading Rulers reduce page glare, dancing, blurring text and other symptoms, while also providing valuable tracking support for reading.”  They are available with duo reading windows – one is 1/2″ wide and the other is 1 1/4″ wide – to aid in reading a single line of oversize text, two smaller lines of text or a short paragraph.

Reading through color can have life changing effects, with the possibility of significantly improving reading speed and even comprehension.  Students seem to respond well to the lack of over stimulation when the white background that reflects light is tinted with the transparent colored overlay.

Studies have shown that students need a spectrum of colors to choose from, to find the one that best meets their individual needs.

Crossbow Education has a Pack of 10 Eye Level Reading Rulers for $16.95.  It is their most popular package, because it allows a student to examine each color, choose the one that offers the most benefit; and then order just that color.

 Pack of 10 Colors – Pink, Celery, Sky, Magenta, Grass, Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Orange; and Jade

None of us chose the same color, so we don’t have to share our rulers.  Which is good, because we’ve found we don’t want to share our Reading Rulers.  For extensive reading they truly seem to reduce eye strain, and we like the dual window choices.  My younger reader says she can focus so much better on her line-for-line reading.  It’s increased her speed and built-up her confidence!


If you’d like more information, have questions or comments – you can Contact  Crossbow Education through their website; and read the Crew reviews by clicking the banner below.




Disclaimer*   I received a copy of this product in exchange for my honest review as a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I receive no other compensation for my reviews on this blog.  The opinions expressed are my own.


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