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No doubt my often-mentioned-love-of-reading came from my mother.  It is one of the most important things I’ve wanted to pass on to my own children.  I have been mostly successful, but not wholly.  I am still searching for that elusive author or subject that finally holds the attention of a couple of my older readers.  I believe the earlier you’re able to immerse your child in the world of reading the more likely it is that they’ll embrace it for a lifetime.  No guarantees though, because I do have a reluctant reader and he was raised with read-alouds and access to books just like his siblings.  It really is true that every child is different.  Comparatively, my youngest daughter is one of the easy ones.  She learns quickly, her retention is good and she has a desire to read.  It will be interesting to see what genre she enjoys most as she gets older.

One of my mother’s favorite authors, and therefore one of mine, was Ray Bradbury.  He was a leading science fiction writer and author of more than 500 works.  I distinctly remember reading The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and Fahrenheit 451.  Mr. Bradbury is quoted as saying, “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture.  Just get people to stop reading them.”  Books can connect us to the history of our past and the possibilities of our future.



I was really excited when I saw this, because my mother used to tell me basically the same thing and I’ve said it to my children hundreds of times over the years!  I copied this from Samson’s Classroomfacebook page.   They get it, and they want their young readers to get it, too!  Reading opens doors and windows, hearts and minds; and worlds of wonder.  Samson’s Classroom wants to give your child the key to unlock it all.



Samson’s Classroom is a web-based educational software program, focusing on Spelling, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension. It is out of the ordinary though, because “it is an umbrella product that is really many products rolled into one. The purchase of any product under that umbrella automatically gives you access to every other product. Even better, new product releases and upgrades are added to your package at no additional cost.”  Presently, you’ll find:  Spelling with Samson, Read with Samson, and Sight Words with Samson, designed for grades K – 5.

Sight Words with Samson starts at the beginning of reading and teaches spelling as the child advances through the grade levels, mastering 224 words along the way.  So often in the past, my children learned to read but were poor spellers; so I especially appreciate this aspect of the program.  Spelling with Samson draws from a vault of over 5,000 words for student games and drills.  The parent/teacher can also organize/create personal spelling lists.  Read with Samson concentrates on reading comprehension.  Students are tested on the passages of text they read.  Thanks to a new instant feedback system the child has a second chance to get a correct answer, if they were incorrect the first time.  The correct answer is highlighted in the text, too.  I noticed that this encouraged my daughter that it was okay to refer back to what she had just read for better understanding.

Samson’s Classroom has great graphics!  It is interesting, motivating and engaging!  One of their motivational tools is the belts a student acquires as they build their Sight Word knowledge.  My daughter says, “My favorite thing about Samson’s Classroom is getting belts like the real-life TaeKwonDo belts.”  It’s motivation that works!  The student moves up the belt ladder and can eventually become a Sight Words with Samson Black Belt Master.  She also said, “I like the spelling.  They start me with easy words and sentences, review with me until I’m sure I really know the words.  It makes me feel smart and like I can read anything! After I spend time with Samson, I want to try to read bigger and harder books to see what I learned.”  Because of the Student Tracking feature, I can see the progress she’s making without having to stand over her every minute.

Samson’s Classroom is an affordable asset to our reading curriculum.  $30 for 1 student – home use, $50 for a family of 4 or $80 for a classroom subscription with up to 30 users.  Find out what my Crew mates think of this program when you click the banner below.



I hope you’ll take a few minutes to follow the links I’ve provided throughout this post and browse the website.  They have more information, a short video and free demo available, too.

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