Did You Miss Me?


It’s been months since I’ve been here.  Too many months, actually.  I hope you sort of missed me, maybe wondered why you hadn’t heard my voice for a while.  Maybe you just noticed an empty space and didn’t know it was me that was missing, but now you do.

It’s been a long winter.  I’ve had to step back, reevaluate, look for balance, pursue and embrace the new, while disengaging and releasing some of the old.  It’s been a challenging season, and although I’m not through it yet, the hope of spring is revitalizing.

You may notice a few changes here, and I hope you’ll like them.  Your comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms are welcome.  It is my intention to share more personal posts, hoping you gain something from my life and experience.  I know there are so many things that compete for our time, I’d like you to feel good about stopping here for a moment.

Intend Honestly - Aesop


Sundays, beginning March 24th, I’ll have a guest blogger ~my daughter, Sarah E.  She’s new to blogging and I think we’ll all enjoy watching her grow and finding her own voice here.  She is young, creative, and delightfully random.  You’ll find her posts under Puddle Jumping.  I know you’ll be supportive and encouraging with your comments.

It’s nice to be back.






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