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A is for “Again”

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This is the third series of Blogging through the Alphabet that Marcy has started.  I’m sure it’s just for me or in the least it’s for those just like me!  No matter that she said she’d been asked to organize it for those that have had so much fun with it the past two times, right?  I completely missed it the first time around, and I only published J is for “Just Beginning”  for the second series.


This time, one more time, I have the opportunity to begin again; so my A is for “Again.”  


I’ll try to conquer this meme, again, but maybe I should save that for the letter “C”.

I’m interested to see how my imagination is sparked with a new letter each week, but that sounds like a prompt for “I”.

Looking forward to the possibilities – definitely a “P” post!

I am thinking ahead though, since I get to participate again

I foresee a study on the Queen of England, or thequeen bee of the hive, just in time for the letter “Q”;

and I have no doubt we’ll visit our favorite zoo, in about 26 weeks.





May we always share with one another

the grace to try again tomorrow.








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J is for “Just Beginning”

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I’ve wanted to participate in this meme for some time.  I missed it the first time around and I was determined to do it this time, but my life is not my own and I just haven’t found a way to fit this in until now.  More than a third of the way in and I am just beginning

When I saw that they were on the letter J I immediately had my title – J is for “Just Beginning.”  I am just beginning to blog through the alphabet and I can’t wait to see where this prompt will take me each week!

Thinking back,

I could have just as easily started with A – A Little Slow,

or B – Behind Already;

C could have been Critically Late,

and D – Definitely,  Doing Everything Else But

When week E came around I should have said, Eventually I’ll Begin”

or jumped right in with F – for Finally Starting.

I was rather discouraged to see they were on G and I was Getting Nowhere Fast.

Remaining positive, I could have written H as Hopefully, This Is the First of 26,

but, the letter I came too quickly and Inevitably, I Was Sidetracked;

  which is why I am at the letter J and Just Beginning.


Sometimes, you gotta Just Do It!  Jump In with Both Feet!  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can start today, ’cause you might not have tomorrow.  Today’s a new day!  I’m just beginning to see the possibilities and I hope you will too.





*Contents and photographs of this blog are copyrighted, they are the property of Knee Deep In Grace and may not be used without written permission.


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