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My name is Penny and I am so pleased to have you visiting. I am thrilled to be able to share my heart with you in the form of the written word. After a long time away, I am finally back to writing and sharing the Good News with you, my friend. Grab a cup and stay awhile, we have much to chat about.

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Day 102

“Unto Thee, O Lord. . .”   I woke up with this song, from Psalm 25, on my mind this morning,    Unto Thee, O Lord, by Maranatha! Singers   Blessed Heavenly Father, I am grateful that You are good and upright.  I am thankful that all Your paths are mercy and truth.  Forgive my sins, Lord, … Read More about Day 102

Day 5 ~ Rejoice with Me!

  I am thankful that no matter how things appear – God is still on The Throne!     A couple of weeks ago our refrigerator stopped working properly.  Then, less than a week after that, our car started making a troubling sound – it needs a new transmission.  Oh, my!  Today, my husband’s old truck … Read More about Day 5 ~ Rejoice with Me!

Flowers of Blessing

My youngest son came through the door with an enthusiastic grin on his face.  He’d been gone a few hours helping his dad on a job.  Before I could say, “Hello” or ask how his morning had been, he asked, “Hey Mom, daisies are your favorite flower, right?”  I hadn’t noticed his hands behind his … Read More about Flowers of Blessing

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Maestro Classics

We love music.  I encourage my children to develop an appreciation for the art, beauty, and talent in every genre.  I’ll admit, it’s a little harder to find in some, more than others, but it is possible. In December, I had the opportunity to take my children to hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  The youngest, … Read More about Maestro Classics

Let the Games Begin!

    According to their website, Griddly Games is committed to “bringing innovative and engaging games to people ‘across the grid.”  They’ve consistently gained recognition for their ingenuity and creativity in designing games that are fun and educational.  Many of their games have won the Teacher’s Choice Award for the Classroom and the Dr. Toy … Read More about Let the Games Begin!

My First Blog Award

I was recently discovered by Catherine @ Our Village Is A Little Different and she nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award. It matters not to me that this is not a one-of-a-kind award.  I’m just excited that she picked ME! to receive it.  “Thank you, Catherine.  I’m honored.”  In my enthusiasm to accept this, … Read More about My First Blog Award

More Posts from this Category

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